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Read out from 2012 Environmental Priorities Legislative Workshop

This years Washington State Legislative Workshop was a bit of a downer for me, but after follow up with some organizers I feel more hopeful.  

The bad part was that the representatives who were there to speak on behalf of the environment were mostly concerned with securing transportation funds (2 billion $)  this legislative session and flatly stated that there would be no band width to talk about Climate Change.  Though one legislator said he opposed the Coal trains, he also said…


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Read out from Environmental Priorities Legislative Forum January 7th, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone,

Yesterday was the Environmental Priorities Coalition Legislative Workshop in preparation for Environmental Lobby Day January 25th.

As usual it was well organized and well attended with a turnout of about 200-250 people.  It is nice to see the turn out given the magnitude of what is going on! 

2012 will be a--defensive year.  Due to budget…


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Your vote is needed in King County Conservation District Election (KCD)!

Dear Friend (posted by Arvia Morris from Fuse email), 

There’s an important election for a low-profile office going on now, and the winner will be decided by a few hundred votes. 

The King Conservation District (KCD) - run by a five-member Board of Supervisors - manages…


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Will the Increase in grain costs, get us focused on the right things in 2011?

What is the best way to kick off 2011 with the new congress, seemingly intractable squabbling at every level of public discourse and the tragedy in Tucson?  Lester Brown's summary of the current grain price increases is challenging but refreshing in that it might just get us to focus on what the real issues are.  it is about 1…


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In Praise of Eaarth by Bill McKibben

I am sure most…

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Fighting Global Warming comes back to the states: What you can do now!

Hey everyone,
It has been pretty discouraging that the Senate has dropped the ball yet again on Global Warming, but that does not mean the problem has gone away or that our engagement is not needed.…


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Minutes from July 19th Climate Action Net work of Sustainable Wallingford

POST MEETING NEWS FLASH: Senate will not be bringing the American Power Act (cap and trade) to the floor.…


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Minutes from April 13th CAN of SW includes legislative wrap up.

Go round of what we have done in the last month on behalf of climate action.

Washington state legislature summary 2010.

The results from the extended session were not known at the time of our meeting, but since then recaps from different groups have become available. My favorite one is from the Sierra club:

With a $2 billion budget shortfall, the 2010 Legislature focused its efforts on cutting spending, raising revenue (taxes), and cutting tax exemptions.… Continue

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Clean Water Act (HB 3181/ SB 6851) needs your help one last time!

For 67 long days, thousands of you have been working to keep the landmark Clean Water Act of 2010 (aka Working for Clean Water) moving forward. Together, we've mobilized our friends, families and neighbors to build momentum for this critical clean water and jobs bill.

And we're almost there.

But here's the thing about this special legislative session we're in right now: if we let our guard down, the work of the last 67 days slips away. I know you don't want to let that… Continue

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Election in Massachusetts--

What a night, the day after listening to Martin Luther King Jr on NPR and feeling so inspired, the memories of a year ago, going to parties to celebrate Barak Obama's election etc.... Massachusetts!!! Ted Kennedy's seat! So so sad and frustrating.

Anyway here we are, our jobs just got a little harder. This is definitely one of those times when things are just not going my way and I am feeling angry and frustrated. At these times I have learned to hunker down and keep going and… Continue

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Reducing your Carbon Foot print and saving $$$ check list

Reduce YOUR Carbon Footprint and Save $$$$$!

1st Caculate your carbon foot at:

2nd Set C02 reduction goal and take action to reduce your foot print and save $$$$.

Transportation: C02 savings per year

Plan errands for 1 trip not many –reduce miles by 20% 450 to 4000 lbs a year!--FREE

Annual car tune up & maintain air pressure in tires 1500 lbs per year-

Buy a more… Continue

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Climate Action Network of Sustainable Wallingford Meeting minutes 11.2.2009

In Attendance:

Arvia Morris, Lynn Fitz-Hugh, Chuck Lare, James Williams

1) Outreach brain storming, Carbon Salon anyone?

After reporting back from the 350 events (see below) we spent most of the meeting talking about how to reach out to our friends and relatives who are concerned about climate but not activists at this point.

We all agree that more education is necessary for more people to become committed to working for a climate change agenda. We thought… Continue

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Great election results for Seattle, King County and Washington State!

Just a quick congradulatons to everyone for getting out and voting and asking your friends to vote in this past election. Due to your hard efforts King County and Seattle have great leadership for creating a sustianable future. State wide, Washington State has rejected a ballot measure that would have severely undercut our efforts to educate ourselves and maintian our natural endowment. And is it not great to live an a state that recognizes everyones civil… Continue

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How will Climate Change impact each region of the US?

A new study has come out which descibes the impacts of Climate Change region by region. Check out the page:

Towards the top this link has a button to watch a tv interview about it – it is about 10 minutes and is very good. It also looks like on this page that it maybe possible to download it free – the study. It is actually an associated book: A Climate for Change that describes how each region will be effected.

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Info and action on the Boxer-Kerry Climate Bill

Boxer-Kerry Senate Climate bill

Over all this is considered a good bill and is endorsed by many environmental groups. It undoes some of the bad measures in the house bill such as stripping the enforcement power of the EPA with coal power plants. see one sky summary

It has a big emphasis on green jobs and technology. This the heart of the issue for the US. Are we going to be defining 21st century energy… Continue

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Public comment on Northwest Energy plan for the next 20yrs. Till November 6th.

Northwest Power and Conservation Council is accepting public comments on their energy plan for the next 20years. PUBLIC COMMENTS DUE NOVEMBER 6th.

While the plan does hold C02 emissions at the current level for the next 20years, it does not include a plan for reduction of C02. They say that to including reductions in their plans would hurt the poor. Our position is that the poor will be hurt the most by climate change, thus mitigating it with the development of renewable energy and… Continue

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What you can do to improve Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill

What can we do:

1) Contact our Senators and ask for these three changes to American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES):

--Require power companies to produce more clean energy

--Restore authority to the EPA to crack down on global warming from power plants

--Reduce giveaways to polluting industries in order to bolster green job development and protect vulnerable communities.

2)… Continue

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T-shirts from Climate Action Network of Sustainable Wallingford

Hi Everyone,

Check me out in the new T-shirt put together by the Climate Action Network of Sustainable Wallingford (see photo).

If you would like to order one (two or 20), please let me know. If I can get an order for 100 shirts, they will only be $7.00 a shirt. The T-shirt is a way to bring up the topic of Global Climate Change without having to introduce the topic verbally. Share the T-shirt as a gift with family and friends. It is very comfortable at picnics, hiking,… Continue

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What I Hate and Love about Waxman-Markey--From Sightline Institue

Hi Everyone,

Please see the link below for an analysis of the Waxman-Markey bill. It is writtten by Alan During head of Seattle's Sightline Instiute which among other things, researches sustainablity solutions for the Cascadia region.

Link to Sightline web site:

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Rep. McDermott supports "The American Clean Energy and Security Act" HR2454

The exciting news is that Jim McDermott has decided to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act. This is my take on the matter: For me it is critical that Obama have something on the ground that demonstrates a sincere effort on the part of the US to move forward on climate. The President needs this by December for the international Climage Conference in Copenhagen a key chance for the US to show leadership on global climate change. Laws can be changed if they are not achieving their… Continue

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