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Tell Obama to have the EPA reduce greenhouse gas emissions

This is BIG. The EPA just announced that they will treat carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases as pollutants that threaten public health1. It might seem like a common sense decision, but it's an essential step to getting real action to avert a climate catastrophe.

Congress is at last moving, tentatively, toward passing a climate bill too, but even if that law is approved it could take months to start taking effect2. Luckily, with the new EPA ruling, President Obama is empowered to start taking big steps *right now* to regulate those planet-cooking emissions.

We've wasted eight years doing nothing, we can't spare another month; not another DAY. Tell President Obama to use his new powers NOW to start ramping down climate change.

There's good reason for Obama to move fast. In addition to Earth Day coming up, if the President doesn't take action soon, Congress could cut him off at the pass - and delay real action for years. The coal industry, and other polluters, have hired literally THOUSANDS of lobbyists to fight climate change regulation in Congress.

Lobbyists for king coal and big oil have already convinced Congress to consider subsidies for their polluting industries, and a free pass on permits to keep warming up our planet3. And right now, their number one job is to stop Obama's new rule from going into effect.

Sign now to back up President Obama, and tell him not to wait for Congress' approval to start fighting global warming!

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Comment by Alan Ness on May 12, 2009 at 5:13pm
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